MacDonald Double Ended Dissector 18.5cm

H3745ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H3745R (Reusable) [Each]
Watson Cheyne Dissector D/E 18cm

H3795ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H3795R (Reusable) [Each]
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Adson Periosteal Elevator 16.5cm - Curved - 5mm

H3905ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H3905R (Reusable) [Each]
Cobb Elevator 10mm Blade Width - Solid Handle

H3920ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 5]
H3920R (Reusable) [Each]
Cobb Elevator 15mm Blade Width - Solid Handle

H3925ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 5]
H3925R (Reusable) [Each]
Cobb Elevator 20mm Blade Width - Solid Handle

H3930ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 5]
H3930R (Reusable) [Each]
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Cottle Nasal Speculum - 20mm Blade

H4845ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4845R (Reusable) [Each]
H4845R-B (Reusable - Black Finish) [Each]
Cottle Nasal Speculum - 35mm Blade

H4850ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4850R (Reusable) [Each]
H4850R-B (Reusable - Black Finish) [Each]
Crocodile Forceps 3mm Jaw
Satin Finish

H11292ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11292R (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Forceps 3mm Jaw
Black Finish

H11292ST-B (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11292R-B (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Forceps 5mm Jaw
Satin Finish

H11293ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11293R (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Forceps 5mm Jaw
Black Finish

H11293ST-B (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11293R-B (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Forceps 7mm Jaw
Satin Finish

H11294ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11294R (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Forceps 7mm Jaw
Black Finish

H11294ST-B (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11294R-B (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Micro Forceps 0.7 x 3mm Jaw - 85mm Shaft
Satin Finish

H11610ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11610R (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Micro Forceps 0.7 x 3mm Jaw - 85mm Shaft
Black Finish

H11610ST-B (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11610R-B (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Micro Forceps 0.7 x 5mm Jaw - 85mm Shaft
Satin Finish

H11611ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11611R (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Micro Forceps 0.7 x 5mm Jaw - 85mm Shaft
Black Finish

H11611ST-B (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11611R-B (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Micro Forceps 0.7 x 7mm Jaw - 85mm Shaft
Satin Finish

H11612ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11612R (Reusable) [Each]
Crocodile Micro Forceps 0.7 x 7mm Jaw - 85mm Shaft
Black Finish

H11612ST-B (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H11612R-B (Reusable) [Each]
Hartmann Crocodile Forcep 23cm Shaft
20mm x 4mm Jaw

H11539ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H11539R (Reusable) [Each]
Killian Nasal Speculum - 51mm Blade (2")

H4875ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4875R (Reusable) [Each]
Killian Nasal Speculum - 64mm Blade (2.5")

H4880ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4880R (Reusable) [Each]
Killian Nasal Speculum - 76mm Blade (3")

H4885ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4885R (Reusable) [Each]
Killian Nasal Speculum - 89mm Blade (3.5")

H4890ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4890R (Reusable) [Each]
Killian Nasal Speculum - 100mm Blade (4")

H4891ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H4891R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 1
Blade Length 12mm

H4943ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4943R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 2
Blade Length 14mm

H4944ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4944R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 3
Blade Length 16.5mm

H4945ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4945R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 4
Blade Length 18.5mm

H4946ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4946R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 5
Blade Length 20.5mm

H4947ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4947R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 6
Blade Length 22mm

H4948ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4948R (Reusable) [Each]
Thudichum Nasal Speculum - Size 7
Blade Length 23mm

H4949ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4949R (Reusable) [Each]
Tilley Henckel Forcep 2mm x 5mm Bite - 75mm Shaft

H11417ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H11417R (Reusable) [Each]
Tilley Nasal Forcep 79mm Jaw serrated B/Jt 16.5cm

H4965ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H4965R (Reusable) [Each]
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Gallipot - Stainless Steel - 2oz
(51mm Diameter)

H3985ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H3985R (Reusable) [Each]
Gallipot - Stainless Steel - 4oz
(64mm Diameter)

H3986ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H3986R (Reusable) [Each]
Gallipot - Stainless Steel - 6oz
(70mm Diameter)

H3987ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H3987R (Reusable) [Each]
Gallipot - Stainless Steel - 10oz
(92mm Diameter)

H3989ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 10]
H3989R (Reusable) [Each]
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Adson Nerve Hook 19cm - Sharp

H4294ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4294R (Reusable) [Each]
Adson Nerve Hook 19cm - Blunt

H4295ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4295R (Reusable) [Each]
Formby Scoop & Hook 18cm

H11412ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H11412R (Reusable) [Each]
Formby Scoop & Hook 18cm - Paediatric

H11591ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H11591R (Reusable) [Each]
Gillies Skin Hook 18.5cm - Small

H4300ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4300R (Reusable) [Each]
Gillies Skin Hook 18.5cm - Large

H4305ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4305R (Reusable) [Each]
Oesch Phlebectomy Hook - Small

H4332ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H4332R (Reusable) [Each]
Oesch Phlebectomy Hook - Medium

H4333ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H4333R (Reusable) [Each]
Oesch Phlebectomy Hook - Large

H4334ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 20]
H4334R (Reusable) [Each]
Phlebectomy Hook 18.5cm - Small
(Flat Blade Hook)

H11340ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H11340R (Reusable) [Each]
Phlebectomy Hook 18.5cm - Large
(Shepherd Hook)

H11341ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H11341R (Reusable) [Each]
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Magill Introducing Forcep 17cm - Infant

H4449ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4449R (Reusable) [Each]
Magill Introducing Forcep 19cm - Child

H4450ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4450R (Reusable) [Each]
Magill Introducing Forcep 23cm - Adult

H4455ST (Sterile Single Use) [Pack of 25]
H4455R (Reusable) [Each]
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